Cindy Banker, MA in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Language
AOBTA®-Certified Instructor in Five Element Shiatsu
AOBTA®'s Director of Education and Chair of AOBTA®'s Peer Review Committee
Telephone: 617-734-7991

What is Five Element Shiatsu?

Five Element Shiatsu is the specific Form or type of Asian Bodywork Therapy that Cindy does. It uses Traditional Chinese Medical theory as its theoretical basis much as acupuncture does. Cindy actually helped to create this style of Asian Bodywork and is credited with writing its original definition for the American Shiatsu Association in the early 1980's. Five Element Shiatsu focuses on helping the recipient address the most complete picture possible in addressing their own health. Diet, lifestyle and emotional well being are all considered to be integral facets of the client's condition and energetic pattern. Education and collaboration with the practitioner enable each client to learn to create their future health in addition to the physical experience of the shiatsu treatment.

With over twenty years of experience Cindy is able to quickly identify and prioritize the treatment strategies which will work best for each client. This includes a wide range of consultation options and actual treatment strategies. Unlike acupuncture Five Element Shiatsu does not use any techniques which perforate or mark the skin and in fact is usually experienced as extremely relaxing.