Cindy Banker, MA in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Language
AOBTA®-Certified Instructor in Five Element Shiatsu
AOBTA®'s Director of Education and Chair of AOBTA®'s Peer Review Committee
Telephone: 617-734-7991


 At the end of November 2018, I retired from my full time private practice in Brookline Massachusetts! So I am no longer at the office location on Beacon Street and I am instead travelling full time in a large RV with my husband Vic and our four parrots! I have been back in the Boston area a few times since then and was able to work out of a lovely office that I rented by the day at 124 Harvard Street in Brookline.

As I prepared to retire from having a full-time practice, I worked carefully with my clients and two extremely capable practitioners so that they were able to take over most of my client base. One of them: Su Cousineau is a former student of mine and herbalist practicing western herbal medicine and the other was Hillah Hamo who had conveniently arrived from Israel and was planning to build her own practice in Brookline. Since then, much has changed especially since COVID19! Please refer to my attached Facebook page for more details and recent updates. My primary referral now for in-person treatment is to another former student of mine:

Carolanne Oller, B.A., A.B.T. who has had an active practice in Brookline since graduating from my school in 1994. She is a wonderful practitioner and I recommend her very highly. She can be reached at:

Ancient River Healing Arts
1141 Beacon St.,
Suite C-1
Brookline, MA 02494
(617) 566-3603

I enthusiastically encourage potential new clients to connect with Carolanne to start their own shiatsu treatment in the Boston area.

I am able to do consultation work with some of my regular clients using Zoom. For the time being I am not taking any new clients.

In addition to continuing my work as the Director of Education for the AOBTA, I am busy trying to focus on writing a book based on my own original translation work from original source material in Chinese Medicine. I am very grateful to have been able to organize helping everyone involved continue their own path and journey in order for me to continue my own!

My clients can make an Appointment for a Zoom consultation by getting in touch by email . I can also be reached by phone or text at: 617-734-7991. Herbal consultations or appointments for ce-40 and structural consulting consultation time are things which can be done by phone or on Zoom.

When available initial shiatsu appointments are scheduled for a 1 and ½ hour time which include an initial consultation and shiatsu treatment.

Cindy’s Fee Structure:

• 1 and ½ hour initial consultation and Five Element Shiatsu treatment: $150

• Follow up consultation time and regular shiatsu treatment: $125

• Initial ce40/structural consulting consultations: $180 (time can vary but anticipate two hours)

• Herbal, nutritional or creative process consultation time for a regular client or professional referral: $100 per hour and are available by phone.

Keeping Your Appointment: If you need to cancel or change a scheduled appointment please let me know as soon as you are aware that there is a problem. Email or texting is usually the fastest way to get in touch with me. You can ask to get a reminder for your appointments.

In person Appointments which a client forgets or fails to keep without 24 hours notice will be charged in full unless there is a personal emergency or if you become sick.

Clients are expected to pay for in-person treatment at the time of the visit:  You can pay with cash, check or a credit card.  Telephone conferencing can be billed through Square invoices via email.

Medical Information:  For an initial shiatsu treatment please be sure to bring a list of any medications; herbal supplements or vitamins which you regularly take.  If you are a regular client and you have your own record – please remember to bring it with you.

What to Wear: Shiatsu recipients wear loose cotton clothing.   Please try to bring or wear your own to make sure it fits.

Key code: Please make sure you have all the information you need to access office space I may be using including a current key code if there is one.